The Best Part Of Waking Up Is More Than The Coffee In Your Cup

Coffee cup waking up

September 13, 2015 | Posted in coffee | By

Waking up before the sun can be a real challenge, especially when you’re leaving the comfort of home behind. There is no denying it. The air is getting colder and the sun just doesn’t seem to be coming out that much anymore.  That’s why many of us turn to everyone’s special morning pick me up, a cup of coffee to start our mornings.

As Everyone knows that here in the north Georgia mountains we have the art of coffee making down to a science, and you can find coffee in a hundred different ways on corner s in our quant but beautiful small towns. How effective is our favorite motivator at waking us up and then keeping us moving ahead through the rest of our busy day? Is it possible that our Dark sided friend might not be doing us any real long term favors?

Even though many choose caffeine as  the needed drug that we all count on in an instant; however it may not be all it’s cracked up to be. While it seems to wake us up, giving us that nudge we need, keep in mind it’s only a temporary fix. Later when the effects wear off many of us tend to slowly start heading back to your coffee mug.  Oh yes, there’s the adding to this up and down is the  white sugar, syrups, and whip cream and the list goes on and on to what we mix in to give it all of the rich have- to- have flavor. In some cases turning a stainless steel travel mug  containing Latte into more sugar than in a can of coke. The rush that comes with this sugar throws our body’s food routine off for the rest of the day which contribute to our sense of tiredness.

Instead of reaching for the Insulated coffee mug of java every day, try a glass bottle of water. A beverage which been shown to reduce the morning aches and pains, clear our heads, and get the blood going. As admitted before we love our coffee as we take our travel tumbler goingabout our day; however the cost of water in your own glass water bottle is way less than a cup of coffee. The drinking two glasses of water immediately after waking up has been shown to not just improve people’s wake up, but actually improve their mood and digestion all day. It also helps improve the blood moving through the body as it carries warmth to our hands and feet.