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1. You’ll need an inexpensive juice machine.
2. All fruits and vegetables should be juiced raw.
3. Small seeded fruit, such as watermelon and pears, may be juiced with their seeds with the exception of papaya and apple seeds. Orange and grapefruit seeds might impart a bitter taste to your juice. Remove the large pits from fruits like peaches and nectarines, etc.
4. Peel all fruits and vegetables that are not organically grown because the peel is where most of the chemical residues can be found. While most skins of organically grown fruits and vegetables may be left on, with the exception of waxed produce, the skins of pineapples, kiwis, oranges, grapefruits and papaya should be removed.
5. Choose fresh ripe produce. Rubbery vegetables, bruised fruit, wilted greens and over or under-ripe fruits will produce juices that are neither tasty nor healthful.
6. Cut the fruits or vegetables into pieces that will fit into the mouth of your juice machine. Turn the juice machine on and push the pieces through the mouth of the juicer. As you juice, pulp will collect in a large receptacle. If you don’t clean the pulp out right away, it will develop a sour odor and tiny gnats and fruit flies may appear after 8 to 10 hours.
7. It is best to drink freshly made juices within one day. Use a healthy glass water bottle or BPA free stainless steel sports bottle.


What are the best containers to store your juice in?

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It is highly recommend using glass containers to store your juice.  Many juicers generally use wide mouth mason jars, either 16 or 32 ounces.  You can also use 8 ounce mason jars, or bottles.

Most prefer to use “wide mouth” jars verses the most common bottles because juices made from fresh fruits or vegetables tend to stain it left sitting for long periods of time, and cleaning a bottle with a narrow opening can be very difficult. 

Fresh Taste glass bottles are ideal for juicers. Why is this?  First of all they are glass.  Second they have a wide mouth, easy to add juice, easy to clean. Third they are leak proof with a tight seal. Juice can be consumed immediately, carried to work   or used store juice for later consumption.

However some are concerned when it comes to handling glass outside of the home, for these we recommend using a stainless steel water bottle such as Fresh Taste double wall Stainless Steel sports bottle

 Some people recommend using plastic to store your juice.  Studies have shown that plastic leaches into the food that is being stored.  Some people say hard plastic bottles are “safe”, but new research is showing that even HDPE plastics can leach toxins from the plastic into the food or drink being stored.   The best container to store your juice is a glass container like Fresh Taste Wide Mouth Glass Bottle.