Ingenious New Way To Communicate Messages

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In this age of technology the internet allows people to communicate in so many new ways. In these days, the traditional letter or phone call is no longer the only cool way to contact or provide an uplifting message to others. I love to be unique and desired to have a way to show my team spirit, give a subtle encouraging message, remind myself of positive thought, daily goals, or just have that unique way of reminding my friends and family that I love them by another means than a texting?  Well in search of something unique that allows me be reach people with an uplifting message in a cool easy and free way I came across the very thing.

I know you want to know what this new unique way is. You see as I was doing a google search and I can across Fresh Taste Stainless Steel Message on a Water Bottle and it has proven to be the key and remedy I was searching for as a unique stylish way of modern communication to express myself. At this point you are wondering how this is. Well this unique water bottle  that I  found gives me the ability to communicate  without even opening my mouth which is awesome because it designed to write messages or expressions on this insulated  stainless steel water bottle with a chalk pen. Now I can add a smile or show my affirmations daily as I continue my work.

When my  friends and I go to the games I will now be able to express my team spirit as I watch my favorite sports  without having to say a word when I am next to the opposing team fan. But that’s not all; this Message water bottle by Fresh Taste allows me to communicate in another way to my daughter with using texting. With this water I will also be able to write work reminders or what I need to pick up from the grocery store on my way home.  The ways I can use this message bottle is endless.

Another advantage of this vacuum insulated message water bottle is that it keeps my liquids cold or hot for hours! So it allows me to my tea the way I like it in the morning and bring it to work and hours later still are able to enjoy hot tea. When I go to child game after work this insulated water bottle is great as it keeps liquids cold for hours.

Now I love to drink fruit infused water with watermelon and mint but what I don’t like is worrying about the seeds or the fresh mint leaves being consumed that’s another reason I love this  stainless steel water bottle. Fresh Taste company was ingenious when they included a mesh strainer to block objects such as the seeds so I can enjoy my fruit infused beverage.


Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water Right Now?

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We found this very helpful and worthy of sharing .

There are numerous reasons to stop drinking bottled waters. The writer of this article would like to bring to your notice and enumerate a few of the same. On a personal note, I have quit drinking bottled water for a while now and I shall provide you with enough reasons to quit as well.

In the year 2014 there was a huge scandal with regard to Nestlé CEO since they continued to bottle water at their factory in a neighborhood where many people had no water to drink due to wells drying up. In addition to that the CEO showed no remorse at doing the same. Instead, he stated that he would bottle more and more bottles of water if he had the resources to stating that Americans couldn’t do without them.

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The people all around the world being aggravated by the response of the CEO began to spread this news via all forms of social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. requesting the people of the world to boycott the same.

However, the point of this article does not focus on banning bottled water solely because of the drought in California. Neither it is the point of this article that we should ban bottled water because nestle is capitalizing on in and depriving fishes and other organisms of the water they deserve.

The main and the most important reason for you to boycott bottled water is to improve the quality of life led by most people of the world. The basic idea behind the same is that all people should have access to clean and safe drinking water. The fact that you are boycotting bottled water also implies that you stand strongly for all people irrespective of their economic status should have access to drinking water and it is only through the process of boycotting the same that you would be pressuring the governments in different parts of the world to make clean and safe drinking water available to the public.

From the time of civilization, providing clean and safe drinking water to all homes have been one of the biggest priorities. Engineers, scientists, and technicians all of whom contribute to providing water to our houses have acted as our infrastructural protector and development machinery. It is always best for all humans to drink water that is provided to us at our homes. It is not only safe and beneficial for you on a personal note but it is also a method by which you are protecting the availability of water in the world in the future.

Most companies that pack water earn such high profits that fail to bother about the ill effects on the use of bottled water on the availability of water in the future. They fail to understand the fact that the ultimate result of the long terms effect of climatic changes on the availability of water would fall on them as well. They befool customers to buy bottled waters since drinking water is any day better than drinking coke, pepsi, soda or any other aerated beverage. Moreover, they sell their bottled water for a price which ranges from are 240 to 10,000 times more than the price that you pay for tap water.

When you drink only the water supplied to you at home you are indirectly conserving natural resources by making full use of the municipal system of distribution of water to public which cleans the water in your local water system providing safe and clean drinking water to the public.

However, if you continue drinking bottled water you would be supporting the companies that bottle water most of whom need not reveal any information regarding how its endeavors to sustainability use water, pay the minimum ages to the workers in order to provide you with the bottled water for which they charge amazingly high prices.

This article is not based on the premise that our current water system is perfect and needs no up gradation. We do admit that lack of and ill maintenance of drinking fountains is one area in which the municipality needs to work on. There are several cases in which many schools, universities, work places have stopped providing clean drinking water to the public since they found repairing of old pipes to be an excessive expense. The people working and studying at these places were forced to purchase water.

One needs to make everyone aware of the fact that it is always beneficial both for the individual and the environment if the person consumes drinking water provided at home. Los Angeles for the first time celebrated its Tap Water Day in the year 2014 as a mark of appreciating and building more water drinking stations.

Though encouraging humans to use water provided by the municipality is a great leap towards making people aware of the benefits of the same. However, one cannot end its awareness program to the municipality level. One needs to think of the humankind as a whole. We need to be aware of the fact that more than ten precent of the world’s population have no access to safe drinking water. Many countries in the world face ground water contamination problems and issues. Instead of catering to our selfish needs one should instead focus on permanent methods of providing water to every person on this planet.

Boycotting bottled water also implies that you are thinking about long-term preservation of water. One may fail to realize the fact that though you may think that the earth has plenty of water but you must be aware of the truth that is the drinkable water on earth has been reducing at a drastic rate. On the contrary, the bottled water industry has been the fastest growing industry on earth. One needs to always remember the fact that it takes three bottles of water to produce a single bottle of bottled water.

Here are some genuine doubts and concerns that people have which the writer has solved exhaustively.

Some people do not like the taste of tap water.

Filtering the tap water you drink can easily solve the above stated problem. Filters are widely available in the market. Not only are they reasonable, but they are also available in attractive shapes and colours. Some refrigerators have inbuilt filters.

Some people like sparkling water.

If you like only sparkling water you can always purchase and consume a Soda Stream.

In case you don’t want to purchase a soda steam.

You always have the option of build your own.

Is drinking water from big jugs provided in offices ok?

It’s ok to drink water from big jugs provided in offices as long as the office has a pipe line though which the municipality provides water to the office. If not, no.

Is plastic the primary issue with this regard?

The chemicals that are the contents of plastic bottles are extremely harmful when heated. Moreover, only one out of three plastic bottles are recycled by the US while the rest is disposed off polluting the environment.

What about other beverages packed in plastic bottles?

The answer remains the same. It takes more than 3 bottles of water to produce a bottle of aerated beverage. Moreover, the harmful effect of plastic bottle remains.

What is one suppose to do in case of emergencies?

You may opt to purchase cans of water

Can people die as a result of bacteria in tap water?

This may happen at times since there exists flaws in everything so there could be a flaw in the bacteria tap water. However, most of the waste pipes all over the world especially in USA are well tested and well maintained and there may be little or no chances for the same to happen.

From an individual’s perspective, isn’t bottled water good since it is filtered?

Tap water is healthier than bottled water considering it contains fluorine. The deficiency of fluorine in human body causes toothache and.

Is it possible to do away with the use of bottled water?

You may have thought and asked the same question regarding plastic bags 10 years from today. However, as you may be aware of the fact that plastic today is banned in most countries of the world. The only lesson you can learn from the same is that if you actually try to do away with bottled water you may be able to do the same. Even if we are not able to boycott plastic bottled water totally one’s efforts can drastically reduce the amount of it’s production and usage.

What other bottles can one use?

We have made a list for this as well.


Exposure to Chemicals in Plastic

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Exposure to Chemicals in Plastic


Depending on where you live and work, you’re likely to be exposed to many plastic products every day. Food and beverage containers, some disposable plates, and toiletry bottles are all plastic and all are made from chemicals. Research suggests that all plastics may leach chemicals if they’re scratched or heated. Research also strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of the chemicals in these products, such as bisphenol A (BPA), may cause cancer in people.

BPA is a weak synthetic estrogen found in many rigid plastic products, food and formula can linings, dental sealants, and on the shiny side of paper cashier receipts (to stabilize the ink). Its estrogen-like activity makes it a hormone disruptor, like many other chemicals in plastics. Hormone disruptors can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body, by blocking them or mimicking them, which throws off the body’s hormonal balance. Because estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer develop and grow, many women choose to limit their exposure to these chemicals that can act like estrogen.

BPA also seems to affect brain development in the womb. In 2011, a study found that pregnant women with high levels of BPA in their urine were more likely to have daughters who showed signs of hyperactivity, anxiety, and depression. The symptoms were seen in girls as young as 3. It’s not clear why boys aren’t affected in the same way.

Steps you can take

While it’s likely impossible to completely avoid all plastic products, try to use as little plastic as possible, especially if you’re pregnant, and never use it around food.

To reduce your exposure to BPA:

  • Carry your own glass, steel, or ceramic water bottle filled with filtered tap water.
  • Reduce how much canned food you eat and how much canned formula your baby uses.
  • Use baby bottles with labels that say “BPA free.”
  • Avoid handling carbonless copy cash register receipts. If you get a carbonless receipt, don’t recycle it. Recycling receipts with BPA in them can spread the BPA to other products made with recycled paper, including napkins and toilet paper.
  • Look closely at plastics with a number 7 recycling symbol on the bottom. If the plastic doesn’t also say “PLA” or have a leaf symbol on it, it may contain BPA. See the chart below for more information on plastic types.

To reduce your exposure to other chemicals in plastics:

  • Don’t cook food in plastic containers or use roasting/steaming bags; the plastic residues may leach into food when heated in a regular or microwave oven.
  • Use glass, porcelain, enamel-covered metal, or stainless steel pots, pans, and containers for food and beverages whenever possible, especially if the food or drink is hot.
  • Plastics with recycling symbol 2, 4, and 5 are generally considered OKto use. Plastics with recycling symbol 7 are OK to use as long as they also say “PLA” or have a leaf symbol on them. The recycling symbol number is the code that shows what type of plastic was used to make the product.
  • Recycling symbol 1 is also OK to use, but shouldn’t be used more than once (no refilling those store-bought water bottles!). Keep all plastic containers out of the heat and sun.
Recycling Symbol 1 Polyethylene terephtalate (PETE or PET): includes clear plastic soda and water bottles; generally considered OK to use, but don’t reuse
Recycling Symbol 2 High density polyethylene (HDPE): includes opaque milk jugs, detergent bottles, juice bottles, butter tubs and toiletry bottles; considered OK to use
Recycling Symbol 3 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): includes food wrap, cooking oil bottles, and plumbing pipes; do not cook food in these plastics and try to minimize using no. 3 plastics around any type of food (use wax paper instead of plastic wrap and use glass containers in the microwave)
Recycling Symbol 4 Low density polyethylene (LDPE): includes grocery bags, some food wraps, squeezable bottles, and bread bags; considered OK to use
Recycling Symbol 5 Polypropylene: includes most yogurt cups, water bottles with a cloudy finish, medicine bottles, ketchup and syrup bottles, and straws; considered OK to use
Recycling Symbol 6 Polystyrene/Styrofoam: includes disposable foam plates and cups and packing materials; do not cook food in these plastics and avoid using no. 6 plastics around any type of food
Recycling Symbol 7 All other plastics not included in the other categories and mixes of plastics 1 through 6 are labeled with a 7, including compact discs, computer cases, BPA-containing products, and some baby bottles.

PLA (polymer polylactide) is a plastic made from plants (usually corn or sugarcane) that is also labeled with a 7. PLA plastics don’t contain BPA; no safety concerns have been raised about using PLA plastic with food. Right now, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a PLA no. 7 plastic and a BPA-containing no. 7 plastic. Some PLA plastics may also say “PLA” near the recycling symbol. Others may have a leaf symbol near the recycling symbol.

To clear up any confusion, the manufacturers of PLA plastic are working with the American Society for Testing and Materials International, a global group that develops standards, to create a new recycling numbering system that would give PLA plastic its own number.

Do not cook food in no. 7 plastics that aren’t PLA and avoid using non-PLA no. 7 plastics around any type of food.



Plastic Versatile And Affordable, Yet Harmful To The Environment And Health

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In the first ten years of this changing century the amount of plastic manufactured will reach amounts produced in the entire last one.

Evidence is mounting that the chemical building blocks PLastic building blockthat make plastics which is so versatile and affordable are the same components that is said to harm people and the environment. And its production and disposal contribute to an array of environmental problems too.

 From cell phones and soft drink bottles to dish washers and hospital IV bags, and now electronic tablets and TV’s, plastic has molded our society in so many ways that make life both easier and safer.

Chemicals added to plastics are absorbed by human bodies. Some of these very chemicals have been found to alter hormones in males and females or have other potential human health effects.BPA Health effects on humans

 Some of the environmental problems associated with plastic includes, plastic debris, laced with chemicals and often found in marine animals, causing injure, death or poisoning our wildlife. Plastic waste found floating in the ocean, which can survive for thousands of years in water, serves as mini transportation injections for harmful species.marine life affected by plastic

Buried deep in landfills can be found plastic, leaching harmful chemicals that spread into our ground water supply.

Landfill with plastic

People are exposed to chemicals from plastic time and times per day through the air we breathe, drinking from plastic water bottles, food heated in plastic and use of so many other products.Out of every ten babies tested, eight along with most adults, were said to have a measurable level of phthalates in their systems.

Bisphenol A (BPA), found in polycarbonate bottles and the linings of food and some beverage cans, can leach into food products and drinks. There have also been reports form the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that reported that 93 percent of people had detectable levels of BPA in their urine

So what can we do?  Well naturally at this point this problem will not be solved over night; However individually we can take efforts to change and avoid some of the effects of plastic by using environmentally friendly products such as Fresh Taste glass water and stainless steel sports and redAmazon SS 2 Both are BPA free and recyclable, protecting your own health as well as love ones and these are found on  The benefits of using Fresh Taste green products which are safe and reusable far out way the cost.