Wine Making And Preserving From Early Beginnings

Ancient wine bottles for blog article

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 From time immemorial wine has been used as a beverage at mealtimes.  So here are a few facts going back to early beginnings in Palestine.

In August and September grapes were gathered, depending on the type of grapes and the climate of the region.

 The grapes were placed in vats after picking.  The grapes were then placed in limestone vats,Lime stone Vat used for wine making for wine blog article or troughs, where men usually crushed them barefoot. Although it meant plenty of hard work, the crushing season was usually a happy time.  The stems and seeds were not broken down with such comparatively gentle crushing methods , so that little of the tannic acid in the skins was expressed; this, in turn, made for a high-quality wine, one that was smooth and soft on the palate.  Sometimes heavy stones were used instead of feet.

The richest and best wines results when the first “must,” or fresh juice, that flows from the broken skins of the grapes, when kept separate from the greater volume of juice extracted under pressure. After the crushing fermentation begins within six hours, while the juice is still in the vats, and slowly progresses for a period of several months. The alcohol content of the natural wines varies from 8 to 16 percent by volume, but this can be increased by adding alcoholic spirits later on. If grapes are low in sugar content, and fermentation continues too long, or if the wine is not properly protected from oxidizing, it turns to acetic acid, or vinegar.

Ancient wine bottles for blog article

The wine was kept in glass jars or skin bottles during the aging period.These containers were vented in such a way as to allow the carbon dioxide gas (a by-product in the conversion of the sugars to alcohol through fermentation) to escape without admitting oxygen from the air to contact and react with the wine. The wines were left undisturbed as they gradually clarified, as the dregs fell to the bottom, with an improvement in the bouquet and flavor.

 Wines were usually transferred to other vessels later. Ancient glass bottle used to store wine  


Back then and still today wine, bread, and other foods are often associated together.Wine was very much a part of banquets, wedding feasts and other festive occasions. 



It was considered an excellent gift for one’s superiors, the same holds true today.

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So if you plan to make your own wine, keep in mind that is a bad idea to make wine in plastic because the chemicals will taint the wine during fermentation. And to preserve that favorite bottle of wine that you or your guess do not want to consume all a one time with Fresh Taste Vacuum Wine Pump and vac stopper.     Vacuum Wine Pump 4