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January 6, 2016 | Posted in:PressRelease

Many Leave Helpful Feedback On The Internet To Help Choose A Glass Water Bottle

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 03, 2016 ) Lawrenceville, Georgia — Fitness buffs and health fans worldwide alike understand and appreciate the importance of proper hydration, but many prefer to drink their own tap water to the commercially sold brands offered on the market today.

Deciding on a glass water bottle that suits a particular person can be quite a task with the abundant number of water bottles offered on the market. Many have chosen to turn to the Internet as they often look on the e-retail giant known as for all their needs.

Amazon Market provides buyers with the opportunity to provide feedback, good and bad on their shipping experience and the product without worry of rejection or recourse of their comments. This allows shoppers to provide their honest feedback which is very valuable to other shoppers when unbais comments posted are true and not posted simply to mislead the public.

The Fresh Taste Glass water bottle with its silicone sleeve is an impressive 22 oz. water bottle that sports a flip top and carrying handle for quick and easy access. BPA free, the bottle has convenient tear drops openings to see through to track personal hydration and the amount of remaining beverage which is important issue for those who are weight conscious or looking to meet a certain daily requirement needed to remove toxins in the system that has resulted from so many foods consumed today.

Fresh Taste company would have shoppers think their bottle is the absolute best for the value, but the reviewers who leave honest unbais feedback testify about the functionally of this glass water bottle. The bottle has earned strong reviews from those who are truly honest Amazon shoppers.

Filling these glass water bottles is as easy as anyone would expect. Simply unscrew the lid, fill the glass bottle with liquid, add ice or fruit such as lemon and mint if desired screw the lid back on and the user is ready to go. The top can be removed for easy cleaning. It is designed for easy sipping and the seals ensure that the bottle doesn’t leak.

About Fresh Taste

Fresh Taste brand was established with efforts to help promote and help consumers to become more aware of products that are now available for going green while helping consumers health with fresh taste and protecting the planet. Fresh Taste products arereusable and promote ways to go green with their products while preserving the fresh taste of beverages and promoting better health.


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