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This quality kitchen product by Fresh Taste will not easily break.
 Fresh Taste Launches An Innovative Batter Dispenser

March 12, 2016 – Lawrenceville, Georgia (WHOLEWORLD) — Fresh Taste has today announced the launch of another product, the Fresh Taste Batter Dispenser. This new durable kitchen product is expected to be a helpful aid for bakers and cooking enthusiasts that want to make waffles, bake muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, and a selection of foods that use a batter mix.

Today pancakes and cupcakes are a huge part of the diet in some households, particularly on the weekends, when families have extra time to cook. One way to a family’s heart is through their stomach and to get there, it makes an appealing pancake and a delicious cupcake. To save time and ensure each looks just as perfect as the next, Fresh Taste staff decided to offer it batter dispenser (http://www.amazon.com/Fresh-Taste-Pancake-Batter-Dispenser-Measuring/dp/B01B0XY380/). This handy tool can be used to dispense batter for pancakes, cupcakes, crepes, waffles, and more and they don’t cost an arm and a leg either! This batter dispenser also has the ability to accommodate small berries,chocolate chips or other small additions to delicious treats.

Fresh Taste wanted to offer a cake dispenser (http://www.freshtaste.us) that not only looked good and worked properly, but one that wouldn’t flounder under pressure. This batter dispenser is modern and really easy to use. Pour the batter in the top and easily squeeze the handle to release the batter. This is made of acrylic and holds up to 4 cups of batter and has a locking lid to store left over batter in the dispenser, so there’s no need to dirty another dish.

Wide openings allow for easy filling. The base can be used to keep the dispenser stable on countertops, or it can snap on to store extra batter in the fridge. Easy-to-read measurement markings show how much batter is left.

Fresh Taste will be making a press announcement in the next few days with regards to where consumers will be able to purchase their new product.

About Fresh Taste

Fresh Taste brand was established with efforts to help promote and help consumers to become more aware of products that are now available for going green while helping consumers health with fresh taste and protecting the planet. Fresh Taste products are reusable (http://www.freshtaste.us) and promote ways to go green with their products while preserving the fresh taste of beverages and promoting better health.

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