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April 6, 2016 | Posted in:PressRelease

Fresh Taste introduces an innovative product that will be a handy tool in every cook’s zesting or grating needs
 Fresh Taste Launches New Stainless Steel Lemon Zester
 Fresh Taste Launches New Stainless Steel Lemon Zester

March 12, 2016 – Lawrenceville, Georgia (THEWOLF) — Fresh Taste has announced the launch of its brand new Lemon Zester which will now be available soon on Amazon marketplace.This will join the brands other flagship health promoting products that have been offer by the Fresh Taste Company in the previous year.

This stainless steel zester is made from razor sharp food grade stainless steel, the Fresh Taste grater is guaranteed to let users effortlessly zest the maximum flavor from citrus fruits, and will hold up for many years to come even after heavy use. The product’s economically design, an extremely robust construction and non-slip grip handle are all intended to make zesting an actual joy as it helps to provide that X factor.

In the past large graters were used but now they are a thing of the past, as they take up too much room, aren’t efficient and can actually be dangerous. With this Lemon zester ( the aim is to increase productivity while providing a quality product that is safe and easy to use. Consumers will be able to easy add the desired zest to the newest recipes by even new beginning cooks.

And compared to other Lemon Zesters or graters, the Fresh Taste Lemon Zester/grater is very slim and easy to store, so it will easily store in a kitchen drawer without taking up space. The handle is designed with a small whole to hang it if desired. It also has a snap-on cover to protect the user from the sharpness of the blade. A well produced product that is designed for the needs of modern kitchens and all household cooks. This zester can be used for zesting other fruits such as oranges, limes and even to grate cheese and chocolate.

Fresh Taste offers a money back guarantee on defects, so there’s no risk in trying out this Lemon zester/cheese grater ( latest kitchen accessory that is said to have cooking consumers everywhere storing their old Lemon zester and large bulky graters.

About Fresh Taste

Fresh Taste brand was established with efforts to help promote and help consumers to become more aware of products that are now available for going green while helping consumers health with fresh taste and protecting the planet. Fresh Taste products are reusable ( and promote ways to go green with their products while preserving the fresh taste of beverages and promoting better health.

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