October 19, 2015 | Posted in:Helpful Tips

*Eat fruits and veggies at every meal to help you fee full.

*Make at least half your carbs whole grain-you’ll get fiber andfeel full more quickly.

*Avoic or limi alcohol- its high in calories. Stick to one drink for women and two for men.

*Vary your veggies so you don’t get bored. Try eating a combination of colors for a better mix of vitamins.

*Choose low fat or fat free dairy products.

*Use spices instead of sauces or salt.

*Use a no-calorie sweetener instead of sugar.

*Trim the fat from meat or poultry, buy lean cuts. And grill, bake or boil instead of frying.

*Eat breakfast, so you don’t over eat later.

*Drink water using a glass water bottle in stead of soda.    IMG_0105

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