September 13, 2015 | Posted in:Water

The CDC reports that healthy people can get enough water simply by drinking when thirsty and drinking fluids with meals. Another important action is to make an effort to drink more fluids if you’re outside in hot weather or doing strenuous physical activities.  A guideline to remember is that thirst is a signal that your body is on its way to dehydration.

Most water consumed by humans comes from water and beverages they drink.  However water is found in many food sources as well, such as fruits and vegetables.  The following are some tips that can help to increase ones water intake:

Carry a water bottle for easy access.  If you don’t like carrying a glass water bottle around, you can keep one on your desk at work or keep one in your car.  BPA free are the best glass water bottles as they do don contain toxins.

Choose water regularly instead of sugary drinks.  You’ll be able to drink more and want have the craving to fill up on empty calories.

Alternate plain water with fruit or vegetable infused water by adding a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber.  Watermelon, grapes, mint are only a few choices to enjoy water and using a stylish glass water bottle by Fresh Taste  or sports water bottle are great choices to stay hydrated.

When eating out choose water instead of other tea, or soft drinks. You will save not only money but you will reduce calories as well.

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