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January 6, 2016 Press Release

Published website includes information pertaining to its 16 oz. coffee travel mug
Information On  Fresh Taste Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Tumbler Is Provided On Their Website

January 6, 2016 – Lawrenceville, Georgia (STABLE PRESS) — Fresh Taste established its website to provide informative helpful research which includes information about their new 16 oz. Stainless steel insulated travel mug ( The home page has pictures of the travel tumbler with a description of the features and benefits of this product offering. The information on the coffee mug is made with both an inner and outer wall. The inner wall is actually a double stainless steel wall designed to provide what is described as, “thermal insulation”. The benefit of using a stainless steel insulated coffee tumbler is that the coffee or tea inside will hold the desired temperature for much longer than a mug without this feature.

The company’s webpage also feature additional information on this travel cups unique top which allows drinking without looking for an opening. The plastic seal on the screw on lid is designed so as to keep the lid tightly in place when the mug is “traveling” with its owner. The top is equipped with a seal that creates a tight enough seal that the lid will not come off if the mug is accidentally knocked over. Another feature of the top lid is that it has a “pop up lock”. When the top is in the locked position the liquid inside of the mug when not filled above the fill line will therefore beverages will not splash out as might occur with an open beverage cup when walking or riding with a mug or cup.

Fresh Taste additionally describes the sleek body that is a part of the coffee travel mugs design. This finger grip design allows someone to wrap their hand around the coffee tumbler so that their hand fit around this insulated coffee mug comfortably. Needless to say dropping any containers filled with hot liquid should be avoided especially when on the road or any other place one may drink hot liquids.

There are other pages on the site that visitors have found useful. One is the coffee mug FAQ page where customers who have recently purchased the mug can go see if whatever question they have is answered there. Such questions as “Is this mug leak proof if I knock it over?” and “Will my new Stainless Steel Travel Mug ( keep my beverage warm or cold for extended periods of time? These and other important questions are answered on this website.

About Fresh Taste

Fresh Taste brand was established with efforts to help promote and help consumers to become more aware of products that are now available for going green while helping consumers health with fresh taste and protecting the planet. Fresh Taste products are reusable ( and promote ways to go green with their products while preserving the fresh taste of beverages and promoting better health.

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