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February 23, 2016 | Posted in:Why Choose BPA Free Drink and Cookware


In this age of technology the internet allows people to communicate in so many new ways. In these days, the traditional letter or phone call is no longer the only cool way to contact or provide an uplifting message to others. I love to be unique and desired to have a way to show my team spirit, give a subtle encouraging message, remind myself of positive thought, daily goals, or just have that unique way of reminding my friends and family that I love them by another means than a texting?  Well in search of something unique that allows me be reach people with an uplifting message in a cool easy and free way I came across the very thing.

I know you want to know what this new unique way is. You see as I was doing a google search and I can across Fresh Taste Stainless Steel Message on a Water Bottle and it has proven to be the key and remedy I was searching for as a unique stylish way of modern communication to express myself. At this point you are wondering how this is. Well this unique water bottle  that I  found gives me the ability to communicate  without even opening my mouth which is awesome because it designed to write messages or expressions on this insulated  stainless steel water bottle with a chalk pen. Now I can add a smile or show my affirmations daily as I continue my work.

When my  friends and I go to the games I will now be able to express my team spirit as I watch my favorite sports  without having to say a word when I am next to the opposing team fan. But that’s not all; this Message water bottle by Fresh Taste allows me to communicate in another way to my daughter with using texting. With this water I will also be able to write work reminders or what I need to pick up from the grocery store on my way home.  The ways I can use this message bottle is endless.

Another advantage of this vacuum insulated message water bottle is that it keeps my liquids cold or hot for hours! So it allows me to my tea the way I like it in the morning and bring it to work and hours later still are able to enjoy hot tea. When I go to child game after work this insulated water bottle is great as it keeps liquids cold for hours.

Now I love to drink fruit infused water with watermelon and mint but what I don’t like is worrying about the seeds or the fresh mint leaves being consumed that’s another reason I love this  stainless steel water bottle. Fresh Taste company was ingenious when they included a mesh strainer to block objects such as the seeds so I can enjoy my fruit infused beverage.

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