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Man’s Role in the History of Glass

The making and the using of glass. It is everywhere; it surrounds us. Homes contain it in windows, bathrooms, kitchens cabinet doors, tableware, and thousands of other products including Fresh Taste Glass Water Bottles.

The beauty and versatility of products made of glass makes it a very much desired necessity. Glass is a delicate product and may break if not handle with proper care; however, it has other strengths.

It is still favored and healthier for storing foods. For example, like plastic which has been said to leak chemical, it does not impart a taste to the food. Some glass containers can be used for cooking. Glass is also the favorite for consuming beverages. You could hardly imagine your favorite restaurant serving fine vintage wine in plastic cups.

 The Egyptians used a method called core-forming. Considering the primitive method, some surprisingly attractive glass objects were produced.Egyptin glass making

      New methods of glassblowing many years later revolutionize the production of glass. Discovered along the eastern Mediterranean Coast and it is still the primary way used in making glass by hand today. An experienced glassblower can quickly produce intricate and symmetrical shapes out of the “gather” of molten glass at the end of his tube by blowing through a hollow tube. He can blow the molten glass into a mold.

The glassblowing innovation made glass products more accessible to the common people alone backing of the  Roman Empire,  and glass items were no longer owned exclusively by those of nobility and those of wealth. Later, the art of glassmaking spread too many countries including the U.S.Glass blowing2Glass blowing

Venetian glassware which was beautiful enhanced the popularity of glass; however the making of glass was not an easy task by any means. In 1713 the book A Short History of Glass describes what the making of glass was like at that time. “The men stand continually half-naked in freezing winter weather near very hot furnaces . . . They shrivel because their nature and substance . . . is burnt up and destroyed by the excessive heat.” A rotating wheel and abrasive powders were used in years later by glass cutters to polish the glass.venetain glass

An English glassmaker perfected a formula for lead glass in 1676. The addition of lead oxide produced a heavy glass that was strong, clear, and sparkling.

But it was in the United States that the next major change in glassmaking took place. This change came about with the perfecting of a mechanical pressing machine in the 1820’s. Early in the 20th century, an automatic bottle blowing machine was designed and perfected in the United States. ONeillmilkbottlemachine

Glass is certainly a marvel and the Fresh Taste Wide Mouth Glass Water bottle with a Silicone sleeve is proof of this.  Fragile as glass maybe, yet so versatile and beautiful allowing we to enjoy the natural fresh taste of any beverage without the worry of harmful affect known come from water bottle web


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