November 3, 2014 | Posted in:Why Choose BPA Free Drink and Cookware

In the first ten years of this changing century the amount of plastic manufactured will reach amounts produced in the entire last one.

Evidence is mounting that the chemical building blocks PLastic building blockthat make plastics which is so versatile and affordable are the same components that is said to harm people and the environment. And its production and disposal contribute to an array of environmental problems too.

 From cell phones and soft drink bottles to dish washers and hospital IV bags, and now electronic tablets and TV’s, plastic has molded our society in so many ways that make life both easier and safer.

Chemicals added to plastics are absorbed by human bodies. Some of these very chemicals have been found to alter hormones in males and females or have other potential human health effects.BPA Health effects on humans

 Some of the environmental problems associated with plastic includes, plastic debris, laced with chemicals and often found in marine animals, causing injure, death or poisoning our wildlife. Plastic waste found floating in the ocean, which can survive for thousands of years in water, serves as mini transportation injections for harmful species.marine life affected by plastic

Buried deep in landfills can be found plastic, leaching harmful chemicals that spread into our ground water supply.

Landfill with plastic

People are exposed to chemicals from plastic time and times per day through the air we breathe, drinking from plastic water bottles, food heated in plastic and use of so many other products.Out of every ten babies tested, eight along with most adults, were said to have a measurable level of phthalates in their systems.

Bisphenol A (BPA), found in polycarbonate bottles and the linings of food and some beverage cans, can leach into food products and drinks. There have also been reports form the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that reported that 93 percent of people had detectable levels of BPA in their urine

So what can we do?  Well naturally at this point this problem will not be solved over night; However individually we can take efforts to change and avoid some of the effects of plastic by using environmentally friendly products such as Fresh Taste glass water and stainless steel sports and redAmazon SS 2 Both are BPA free and recyclable, protecting your own health as well as love ones and these are found on  The benefits of using Fresh Taste green products which are safe and reusable far out way the cost.

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