Fresh Taste Stainless Steel Message On a Water Bottle


  • Message On A Bottle – Express your feelings to your loved ones with the chalk pin. Moms can write there kids a loving message on the bottle to pack in there lunch, couples can write a little love note or you can write down your daily affirmations to keep yourself motivated for the day. The message ideas are endless.
    • Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle – Double wall vacuum insulated technology allows the temperature of outer wall to remain cool to the touch despite temperature inside of bottle. Great to carry coffee or hot tea to work with the benefit of it remaining hot all morning.
  • Food Grade 18/8 (304) – Stainless Steel Inside and Out which allows you a worry free mind knowing there are no chemicals leaching into your beverage. This stainless steel will not rust and has sweat proof technology that will keep this bottle from sweating on your desk or in your gym bag.
    • BPA Free- 100% non toxic inner liner which helps to address consumers growing concern of chemicals leaching into there beverage. These non toxic eco-friendly materials are safe to your body and environmentally friendly. Help keep your family safe by choosing this BPA free bottle.
  • Mesh Strainer – Removable mesh strainer that assists you to keep ice from blocking the small drinking spout and this feature is great if you loved crushed ice! but don’t love the cold rush it can give your teeth. The strainer helps you brew your loose leaf tea and it’s curvy stylish design allows for easy gripping of the bottle. Oh and don’t forget the screw on lid is attached so you don’t have to worry about it being misplaced.

Ever want to send someone a message in a bottle? Everyone has heard of the movie and now it is time to play that out in real life. Fresh Taste Stainless Steel Message On a Water Bottle is your answer and solution to be able to send special messages to your loved ones. How you might ask? This trendy fashionable bottle has the ability for you to write messages on it with a chalk pen. Pretty cool I know, moms can send there kids loving messages to school with them that they can admire on there favorite water bottle and couples can send each other love notes to keep things spicy but classy at work.

Don’t stop there with so many negative things that we experience each day we need encouragement so write your daily affirmations to help remind you of your goals and to be able to keep positive thoughts through out a challenging stressful day. And the advantage of this vacuum insulated water bottle is that it keeps liquids cold or hot for hours! So fix coffee the way you like it in the morning and bring it to work and hours later still be able to enjoy your coffee. Are you going to the gym after work? Well this bottle is great as it keeps liquids cold for hours.

If you love to drink lemon water with real lemon but get annoyed at the thought of the seeds getting sucked into your mouth or worry about the cold ice touching your teeth freezing them while you are trying to enjoy your cold refreshing drink, no worries with this stainless steel water bottle there is a mesh strainer to block these objects so you can enjoy your favorite drink.

FREE BONUS: That’s right not only do you get this insulated water bottle but you will also receive a FREE chalk pen to write your messages with.

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