Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle by Fresh Taste – Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with Straw – 25 Oz – Wide Mouth Opening – Leak Proof Lid – Holds Hot or Cold Liquid – FREE Straw Cleaner




Double wall construction allows temperature retention of hot or cold liquids for several hours. Carry along with you on your favorite outdoor activity or for a long day at the office.

Durable polished stainless steel that is unbreakable and finished with advance paint spraying technology. Designed with eva slip resistant pad on bottom so your bottle does not slide around.

Flip the top for easy one hand pouring or “on the go” drinking. Guaranteed to be leak proof so no spilling your drink all down your face or in your favorite bag! Well designed to fit most cup holders so you can take along with you in your car.

100% Non toxic thermal bottle finished with an electrolytic charge which means no inner coating lacquers, leaving the bottle free of BPA, phthalates, lead or having a metal taste. The PP lid is also BPA free.

Are you conscious of how we are treating our plant and looking for ways to go green? This is a reusable water bottle, recyclable and will keep you from using plastic water bottles that not only pollute our plant but have plastics that leach into your beverage.

Fresh Taste Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle is designed with you in mind so that you can take it everywhere you go! If you are an outdoors person and love to play sports you need a bottle that is light weight and easy to carry! If you are in the office you want a bottle that is going to maintain it’s temperature so that you don’t have to keep getting up. Fresh Taste believes in having a reusable water bottle that maintains the freshness of your beverage without the harmful effects of toxins such as BPA, lead or phthalates.


Flip Top Lid with Straw – The straw gives you the convenience of drinking on the go and the flip top makes it easy for one hand pouring. The flip top lid is leak proof and uniquely designed so that you can even use it as a cup.

 Wide mouth: With its wide mouth opening it makes it easy to add ice, your favorite fruit for flavor and makes it easy to clean the round corners so no bacteria can hide.

 Vacuum Insulation – The multi-layered insulation is designed to keep your beverage hot or cold for several hours. So it is great to take with you on your long hike, while you are playing your favorite sport or while hanging out at the beach.

 Thermal Bottle – Constructed with food grade stainless steel, the inner is finished using electrolytic charge so that the bottle is toxic free of any harmful chemicals such as BPA, lead or phthalates which gives you a fresh taste every time you take a sip.

Buy yours on now and start keeping your drink cold for hours.

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By Cherry on November 7, 2014

Size: 25 oz.Color: Navy Blue

WOW!!!! What a nice “take anywhere” water bottle. Not only is this attractive, but the ergonomics of this durable Stainless Steel water bottle make it comfortable in the hand, Also, because I’m a “germ-a-phobe”, I love how you open it with a “tab” and never have to touch the end.. When I leave home, it holds enough water to last me until I return. Fits nicely in my vehicle’s cup holder and has a handle to help me carry it. I actually got this for my husband, but I’m thinking he’s gonna have to share it with me!! I would highly recommend this to those who are like me, and rarely leave home without a bottle of water.


By E. Major on November 8, 2014

Size: 25 oz.Color: Navy Blue

A friend promised me that I’d like THIS water bottle far more than all my others but she was so wrong, I LOVE THIS WATER BOTTLE !! IT was another one of our long hot Georgian days so I filled my new bottle to the top with ice ( love that wide mouth opening ) then added very strong double-brewed tea thinking that the ice would melt during the course of the day,diluting it just right for my taste. NEVER HAPPENED!! After spending a good part of the day in the hot car while I was in and out with errands, the double insulation had KEPT it so cold that the ice barely had a chance to melt. When I got home I forgot to bring the bottle in but remembered while cleaning up after dinner so I went to wash it out but the ice was STILL there, a little less than half melted now. Without ‘sweating’ with drippy condensation all over me, my purse and my car, the double walled vacuum DID IT’S JOB for a good six or so hours ( and it never wobbled but stayed snug in the cup-holder too )! I’m so happy with this easy to swig beverage bottle I’m going to trust it with my hot peppermint mocha when that arctic blast hits us next weekend!

Size: 25 oz.Color: Crimson Red

This stainless steel bottle is a great bottle. I am a water bottle fanatic. I have several brands, shapes, sizes! I love to take water from my own home with me wherever I go. This bottle is a great one to take for those longer trips its 25 ounces! It holds plenty of water for me and my 2 kids. This bottle keeps my water cold for several hours, I have actually left it in the car while I ran into walmart and was in the store for aprox. 45 min to an hour and the water was still cold. The Red is a very nice deep vibrant attractive red color! It is an hourglass shape the best shape I can explain. It fits in my hand well and my kids have no issues holding it either. I like the idea of the straw feature, mainly cause of the kids but have a tendency to stay away cause I can never clean the straws properly. Well Fresh taste has fixed that issue for me as they supplied their own brush. Its a brush on some twisted metal but it still cleans the straw and cleans it well. I like the idea that the filp lid has a tab so you aren’t having to touch the portion your mouth goes on. Another big plus for me and I am sure most moms for that matter! Kids and their nasty germy hands. Overall I give this water bottle a great big 2 thumbs up! I am super impressed with this bottle and it is currently in my rotation of bottles that I bring around with me.
I received this bottle for free for testing and product reviewing purposes. This is my honest unbiased review and I have come with the conclusion by using this bottle for several days.




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