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October 22, 2015 | Posted in:Helpful Tips

Vary your activity by walking, jogging,cycling, dancing, swimming, playing a sport or anything else that keeps you moving each day.

Set weekly goals, and then start slowly, gradually exercise longer and harder. Make your goals specific and realistic so you don’t get discouraged for example: Add 10 minutes to your workout weekly.

Squeeze it in by breaking up your daily exercise three 10 to 20 minutes blocks.

Schedule it- Put exercise on your calendar like a meeting. you’ll be less likely to skip it.

Turn Tv into healthy habit by using a workout video or exercise on a treadmill or mini trampoline while you watch your favorite show.

Buddy up-Stick to it by working out with your partner or a pal. You can help encourage each other to stay on track.

Move around more in your daily life-Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther from the door, or do active chores like mopping or gardening.

Hydrate- Drink plenty of  water. Use a glass water bottle or stainless steel sport water bottle  for interest.

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